2016  September Minutes

Union County EMA Commission Minutes

2018 Commission Meeting Schedule

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The Union County Emergency Management Commission meets the third wednesday of the month at 5:15 P.M. the public is always welcome to attend.

2016 Commission meeting minutes


Jo  Anne Duckworth, Coordinator
705 E Taylor st., PO Box 277 Creston IA 50801 

Our Mission:

To facilitate  Union County government agencies, stakeholder groups, volunteer organizations, and the community to work  efficiently and in a coordinated manner to protect life, property, the environment, and the economy from any emergency.”

OUR Vision:

“A prepared Union County with coordinated capabilities to prevent, protect against, respond to, and recover from all hazards.”

OUR Goals:

  • Are informed by data or evidence when available, enhance existing business processes and improvements, and avoid duplication with other ongoing processes.

  • Align with National Incident Management System and Iowa Emergency Management System principles.

  • Are implemented in a way that acknowledges risks, resources, and needs.

  • Are developed and implemented through a collaborative process.

  • Have support from County and City leaders, who are trained and prepared for their role as decision-makers during an emergency and in a recovery environment.

  • Incorporate a regional perspective, where applicable.